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oil change interval

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The manual says 7500 miles is this in spec with the info center that counts our percentage left
Does everybody change oil at this recommended mileage or have they gone further with oil analysis.
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Current mileage is 37,500 and doing some research the do test for , tbn and tan not sure its not listed. if oil analysis is done and there are records how can they say its lack of maintenance. If using a high quality oil there should be no worries. I know this is a different beast than my 7.3l Powerstroke but been sampling oil for 7 years now at 10000 to 12000 mile oil changes with no problems.
I really doubt Chevy gives a hoot about an oil analysis all that does is document you exceeded the gm recommendations. The power stroke has a huge oil capacity vs this modest oil capacity. Just my thoughts.
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