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oil change interval

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The manual says 7500 miles is this in spec with the info center that counts our percentage left
Does everybody change oil at this recommended mileage or have they gone further with oil analysis.
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I've been running Amsoil XL 5W30 in my Cruze 2013 ECO MT (K&N 69-4521TS Typhoon air intake system) coupled with a K&N oil filter since I bought it. I can tell you that I get 12'500 to 15'000 KM per oil change. I pretty much have a 50 - 50% mix of hwy and city driving. I also do my own oil changes and I always use oil flush during every oil change, I also flush out the oil pan (about 200 to 300ml) with some fresh oil before adding my new oil. I currently have 125'000km on my car.
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