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Oil change mistake

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Hi everyone,

I made a pretty foolish mistake when I went for an oil change few days ago. I went for the first oil change with the '11 cruze lt 1.4 turbo (first since I bought it), and the guy at the service told me that Cruzes need synthetic oil. I tought that he is just trying to squeeze some more money out of my pocket so I told him just to go with the conventional oil. (I am not really experienced with car servicing).

Today I was reading some Cruze stuff on the internet and I read about this Dexos certified oils that cruzes need because of the turbo and realized that I was wrong for going with regular oil.

So my question is how bad is it that I have regular oil now, should I go and change to synthetic asap or it can do with this one until next oil change is due?
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Won't be a huge issue, just change it within a couple thousand miles. Conventional oils don't handle the high heat levels very well. Synthetic oil is recommended for the 1.4L Turbo.

Welcome both of you to CruzeTalk.
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