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I recently replaced my thermostat, housing, and water pump on my 2014 1.8L Cruze. I was given a suggestion to replace oil cooler gaskets since they tend to fail around my mileage, which indeed they were. After replacing them, I have had oil and coolant mixing.

I disassembled the cooler once more, made sure the surfaces were mating properly and gaskets were seated correctly, made sure everything was put back together. Did not use a torque wrench, I tightened by hand and feel, not too tight but what I felt was enough. Drained oil and coolant, flushed coolant system after doing oil second time. A day later my coolant is still leaking and I have oil and coolant appearing on the bottom right bracket holding the exhaust manifold and can see it along the bottom around the cooler.

This is a link to the gasket kit I bought:

So my questions are:

What are the torque specs for the oil cooler bolts, for both mounting and the chamber?

How can I tell if the cooler itself is faulty or if the gaskets are not up-to-par?

Are the oil cooler bolts TTY or not?

Could I have possibly ruined the threads going in the block, and if so how can I work around that issue to install this correctly?

Any suggestions?

Sorry for lengthy post. Thanks to all the helpful people on this forum. Hope you all are healthy and happy!
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