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Oil Cooler Lines available on Rockauto

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If you're searching for the oil cooler lines that frequently disintegrate on our diesels, and you choose to go the OEM route rather than rebuilding them with rubber hose, I discovered last night that they're available on Rockauto at significantly lower cost ($22 each) than on the GM parts websites or Amazon. The reason it seemed all this time that they weren't there is that they're mis-categorized under the "Heat and Air Conditioning" category as a "Heater Hose."

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I needed to see that a week ago, lol.
Just hauled my CTD back from our daughters and the feed line was leaking. Ordered from dealer since they will be here tommorrow.
I will look at improving the originals when I have the time and keep on hand but the originals lasted 7 yrs 160K. Hopefully the nipple isn't the leak.
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