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Oil Filler Cap

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After replacing the PCV valve/cover for the third time I'm finding an oil leak on the top edge lip of the cover. It appears to be coming from the vicinity of the oil filler cap. In looking at posts and in parts catalogs for these caps, some say there should be a gasket that goes with the cap cover? There does not appear to be any sort of gasket on mine which seems odd. Does anyone know for sure if it has one? I know I should just go get a new cap and be done with it, but I want to know since Chevy re-did the valve cover last, they would have put on a cap minus the gasket.

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Thanks. Mine is missing. Good to see the Chevy Dealer service guys on top of their game.
Ooooh i want your oil cap..,
My wife’s 2011 1.8 ,, replaced valve cover due to pvc leak.. so with new cover i seek to replace cap as well.. that’s where problem begins.. GM has replaced the old flat one as shown in the photo in previous post.. now has an extension tube with some lock thingy and all be damned .. IT DONT FIT .. using old ac delco part # FC25 gets you the new version.. look it up.. no where can i find the original cap online. And fearing any junk yard if even had one will be Same stiff condition as one i have.. (also bought ended up buying 3 covers as first one was crap filter and to narrow-2nd one bolt busted prior to torque. 3rd time/ yep another busted bolt. But i was prepared this time.. keeping the 2nd cover i then popped out the bolts and used those for this cover. With a good gasket thank God .. -1. Bought off amazon -total shiet
2. Bought from busted bolt
3.rockauto ,, good fit busted one bolt-replaced bolt- no leak except at oil cap
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If you put the O ring on the cap and torque to spec 18ft. lbs. the O ring will pop out the side Don't use an O ring.
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