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One thing I have never completely figure out on this car is the maximum line. Is the maximum line the top line below the cross hatch, or is it the top of the cross hatch area? I thought it was the top line below the cross hatch, but I have seen people on this forum fill theirs to the top of the cross hatch area.

The dipstick on this car has always been a little confusing to me. I liked the old style better where it had lines for full, .75 quart, .5 quart, .25 quart and low. I like being accurate, but the oil level in this car doesn't seem to be about accuracy. The dipstick handle also gets extremely hot. Never had that on any other car.
It's not that bad, Subaru you have to pull it multiple times and depending on the front or the back of the stick will give you 2 different readings. Reason you see folks check and still end up 2 quarts low before they act on it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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