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Also a 24 mm 1/2" socket with a 3/8" to 1/2" adapter, with a 3/8 U-joint, a 3/8" extension or two depending on lenth, followed by a 3/8" ratchet works.

The 24 mm sockets are all standard found as 1/2". The lisle one is probably really nice, but it's total landed cost including shipping may be more than what you can pick up a 24 mm standard socket for locally.

I listed my entire setup from ratchet to socket. It's probably not all needed, but I don't like bending over, and I like the flexibility that the U-joint and long extension provides.

I'm a huge fan of the cartridge style filters. I was kind of sad to see the GEN 2 1.4L goes back to a standard filter. It seems the European designed engines like the cartridge filter paper elements, and the E-Torx sockets.

Based on pictures of the GEN 2 1.4L engine in the 2017's it appears that they have done away with E-Torx and are back to bolts. Guessing E-Torx might be less of a fight to loosen as engines rust and age. However, finding the E-Torx sockets can be a little bit of an online search.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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