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Hello everyone!

It's been almost 2 years since I posted here, but now I'm in a pinch with my Cruze. I recently replaced the coolant outlet pipe on the driver's side of the engine to get rid of my coolant leak, but it seems this was only part of the problem. After changing the oil at 90,000 miles, I began seeing a small oil puddle underneath my Cruze towards the nose, right by the front left engine mount. Whenever I start it from a cold start, it leaks as though the cap for the oil filter was leaking, but I had just replaced it after the original owner lost the D-ring for it. I've read that the turbo inlet pipe could be an issue, but I don't see leaks there. I will post pics later as I'm out of town for the day.

As always, quick replies are always appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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