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Oil leak

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My lovely cruze is leaking from 2 spots one is the oil pan and the other I have no idea. Looks like it's by right where the Trans and motor meet. Anyone have any ideas?
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Picture is upside down but this is the leak in talking about


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Gonna have to douse this with brake photo is result, not source.

Best guess, the staining between the trans and engine is old drippage from a less than tidy oil filter change.

The buildup on the trans case MAY be the result of a trans cooler line, minor leak, being blown back and dirt is adhering to the residue

IMO the 1.4 is not a well sealed engine. Between my brother and I, we have 4 of them. They all weep a small amount of oil. The oil pans are a little oily on all 4 cars. None leave drops in the driveway. I'm sure some off the weeping is caused by a poorly designed and poorly functioning PCV system that allows the crankcase to become pressurized under boost.
I had to have the oil pan resealed shortly after buying the car. Haven't had any oil leaks since. The rear stains might be from careless oil changes. I accidentally spilled some oil once on an oil change, and that is exactly where most of the oil ended up.
Picture is inconclusive. Could just be dirt from the road. Is it actually dripping and has your oil level decreased? I have dirt on the bottom of my engine that I degrease and spray off every now and then.

I think since the shield is gone it attracts dirt and grim kind of weird under there. Oil leaks is the one thing I haven't had with my cruze. I still don't loose a drop of oil between changes. I am on my fourth water pump though hopefully they waved the rubber chicken above the engine when they did the last water pump and my troubles are over with as far as that is concerned. If it wasn't for my water pump my cruze would be perfect. Had some minor stuff but it was all taken care of under warranty (i.e wind noise on the highway by the rear view mirror - they resealed the wind shield and has been gone since) and it was no big deal as it was stuff you would have with any car. Since my last water pump and water outlet replacement I have had no coolant smells or leakage knock on wood (hand is hitting head :)). My personal opinion is maybe the water outlets were leaking very little and letting air in the system and maybe screwing with the pump. I think my water outlet was seeping since day one and they finally replaced it since it was dripping coolant. Now I have no where near the coolant smell I use to on my engine. So I am optimistic with this water pump.
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I seem to be having the same problem. Gonna clean it up within a week or two to try and find source of leakage. Never had to add any oil and no burnt oil smell ever, even when engine is hot. I'm thinking maybe down low on motor but it's hard to tell.
This could also be transmission fluid leaking. That looks like where I had torque converter seal leaking. I had much more oil however. I still see a little residue by the drive shaft still but very little. I have never seen any car that doesn't seep some oil at some point.
I have never seen any car that doesn't seep some oil at some point.
Especially GM cars. Mine all started to seep as they got old. I just ignored it in the past. People would tell me that my oil pan was seeping and I would just say thanks and move on with my life.
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