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Thanks everybody who chimed in. Information on this car seems awfully hard to find. Wish someone on ebay would start selling service manuals on CD. Never thought about simply tightening the screws... now I feel stupid! LOL!

I had a mechanic on another site tell me that there are seals behind them and that he'd changed quite a few of them. I was a little afraid to start messing with it due to the fact that they're part of the timing system but now I feel a lot better about it. I'll look around and see if I can find a part number. If so I will post it up here. Who knows? Maybe the post will achieve sticky status!

The power train warranty still covers this but I prefer to do my own work if at all possible. S'many problems as this car's had I'm getting used to working on it anyway. I obviously never had very high expectations from such an inexpensive car but this has been a little ridiculous.

That same mechanic said that the cruze has been a real crap shoot. lots of em are dependable, lots of em ain't! I'd like to think the one I bought my daughter is a nice happy medium! LOL

Thanks again!
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