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oil leaking from behind these things... please help identify

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2012 LT 1.4 turbo (ecotec?)
what are these? thanks

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Nick......If that old S-10 was a 96 G.M. recalled the the first quarter of the build for, leaking valve seals.

The heads were not indexed on the machine properly....a few thousanths off......every seal, six per head, got nipped by the top of the valve and premature oil consumption was the result......dealers had to replace all the seals whether there was oil consumption or not.....if it was in the vin range, it got resealed.

Anyways, successful mechanics don't try to out engineer an engineer and the saying is the same....Gasket OR Glue....never Gasket AND Glue.
Sealants are applied to joints in conjunction with seals only....not the entire sealing area.
When you run across a premature leak it is the result of improper sealant application at a joint.

Agree on failures of early 'O' rings.....they got hard and stuff is primarily silicone based and I never see shrinkage or cracking.
Do run across pinching but that wasn't a seal failure.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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