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Old Aveo sedan now dead! Wrecked!

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Well all eventhough it shouldn't really matter it does to me. Right before I bought my 2012 Cruze Eco my wife suggested that I give my 2004 Aveo sedan to her cousin Christina. A single mother with 3 kids and 2 jobs. I felt good about it and knew it was the right thing to do. So at 157000 miles of total care and constant maintenance I signed over the title and the keys to her and sent her on her merry way with my pristine Aveo. So now almost 2yrs later and the Aveo having well over 200K on it she posts on Facebook that shes had an accident and shes alright. Well I'm glad shes alright but somewhere deep down inside of me is that little nagging feeling that she wrecked my car. I know it wasn't mine anymore but it still had a place in my heart because I loved it and took really good care of it. (Off to the scrapyard it goes)
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I bought it when it was brand new in 2004 and had 10 miles on it. Honestly I really loved that little car. It was automatic and has three options. Auto tranny, air conditioning, and a CD player. Other than that it had crank up windows and it was bare bones. Never got stuck in snow and all I ever did was oil changes, brakes, & tires. Changed the timing belt at 91000 and drove it to 157000 miles. What a great car that was!

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Glad to hear she's safe.
I also am very glad that she is safe. She was on her way to work and did not have any of her three children in the car with her. Apparently the other car crossed over the line and hit her almost head on. The car took a pretty good hit and thankfully she was safe.

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I was talking with my wifes cousin Christina and she told me how much already she misses the Aveo. She plans on buying another Aveo as soon as she can. She told me at the time of the accident the car had 197,000 miles on it. I know it would've gone well over 200,000 miles. She also said from the time that I gave it to her until this accident she never had a single problem with the car at all. Just routine maintenance. Oil changes tires & brakes. I have to say that after talking to her in the end I feel pretty darn good.

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