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Went out of town the past week and my cruze sat for about 8 days. Before I left the OLM was at 42% and then when I drove it today it was at 40% and I drove it about 25 miles on the highway and when I came back it was at 39%.

I don't get why it would go down when I am not driving the car. Then I barely drive it and it drops another percent.
Car is running great (knock on wood) and still doesn't go through a drop of oil between yearly changes.

Temps were nice and cool today too around 60 degrees.

Maybe I am losing my mind I have been going through a lot lately personally but just wondering if anybody else has seen this behavior from their OLM.

I have a 2011 1LT.

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Since 2010 all GM vehicles have been equipped with the oil life monitor (OLM) system
The monitor calculates the percent of oil life remaining, based on 3 pathways

The OLM starts its calculation for all pathways after the first 50 miles to account for marshalling and time before sale. Subsequently, calculations begin immediately after each reset.

Oil Life Monitor Calculation Pathways:
1. Engine revolutions- Oil life starts with a fixed number of revolutions and will decrease with each revolution. Cold / hot coolant temp readings have multipliers that reduce engine revolutions pathway quicker depending on how far from the normal oil temperature the vehicle is operating.
Note: If engine coolant temp gets above 260F, engine overheat condition, the oil life will go to 0%.

2. Mileage from last reset – Starting with MY 2013, the OLM is capped at 7500 miles for all GM powertrains except the Volt. In perfect conditions a vehicle would reach 7500 miles from the last reset and the oil life left would be 0%.

3. Time- This pathway is a liner function, a fixed decrease in oil life for a given time after the oil life is reset. The oil life will drop to 0% after 1 year regardless of the amount of engine revolutions or how many miles since the reset.

Note: The Volt uses a 2 year timer instead of 1 year. It also uses the engine revolution counter. It does not use the mileage pathway to count down.

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Oil Life Monitor Calculation Pathways:
Based on that, it sounds like there's 3 different counters counting down the remaining oil life. The display would show the smallest of the three numbers. Since OP reports going a year between changes, it's probably the time counter that's in the lead in this 3-way race.
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