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OnStar Calling Feature STORE Removed

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The surprising negative thing I have found out about my new Cruze 2018, is the removal of an OnStar Hands Free Calling feature - called Store.

In my old 2014 I had the ability with OnStar to Store a number and call that number from the Name associated with the number. i.e. Call My Wife. This is, instead of calling by saying the 9 digits each time. There is not an option to Store anymore as confirmed by OnStar today. It has not been implemented for this model and year by GMC. OnStar says they are getting numerous complaints and will add mine to the growing list. I couldn't find any mention of it on this site so I thought I would note it for others.

I used the OnStar calling feature rarely as I had my cell phone with me most of the time. The 30 minutes hands free calling came with the Navigation Package so was a backup. Still it is annoying they have taken this function away.

It seems the whole CALL function either by your cell phone or from OnStar, has taken a step back, now GM is relying on the connected phone's "voice service".
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