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OPT7 Bullet HID Headlights issues

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After a about a month of getting my OT7 Bullet HID's. I have had nothing but trouble. First I had to order a relay and the capacitors. Which took a week and a half. That was my fault because I didn't read that I most likely would need them. Then after getting them going the bulbs were different colors. That took about a week and a half to get them after dealing with the tech support. I got them at the begging of the week and haven't put them in. Now one of the ballast has gone out at the other ballast is making noise. Now I am waiting to here back from tech support which says they take 24 hours to get back to you but in reality it could be longer or not at all. After all that I am thinking of just leaving them out and getting something different. I ordered a set of Xenon Halogen 5000K headlights with Hi/Lo beam for temps until I find out what will work best and they were only $8.50 on eBay. I looked at the LED headlights and they sound like they are crap and are having issues with them like the HID's

Is there a bulb or system that I can get that will be brighter than the OEM and not have any issues with?

I need something brighter so I can see deer and whatever critter runs out in the road. I live in the country and this happen on a regular basis.
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LEDs aren't going to be brighter than the stock bulbs. And unless you install the HIDs properly into something like a projector housing, you won't get better performance out of those either; certainly not from the stock reflector housing. Your best way to go is shop around for the same bulb type and look for the best manufacturer and brightness/color you want. There's a lot of threads on here discussing bulb types and plenty of pictures showing the brightness and color difference.
The HID's did make a difference for me. They do light up the white on the deer. I just don't want to deal with all the issues I am having with HID's. I just need to find the higher end OEM style bulbs. I am thinking I will just have to eat the cost of the HID's.
LEDs aren't going to be brighter than the stock bulbs.
Isn't that going to depend on the LEDs?
Isn't that going to depend on the LEDs?
It may. I haven't found any LEDs that are brighter or noticeably brighter then stock bulbs. And if they are, they'll need to have proper light distribution otherwise it won't take advantage of the reflector housing and won't appear brighter on the road infront of you. Again, haven't seen anything like that.
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