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I just ordered a 2013 Cruze LTZ. There's a $500 rebate that expires on 2/28. My car will probably arrive after the rebate has expired. Do I still get the rebate or only whatever incentive is active at the time of delivery?
I got a rebate when I got my 2013 Cruze due to the hurricane. My previous car was destroyed. They applied the rebate against the cost of the car. I took a car in stock, so I picked it up the same day I purchased it. You should tell the dealer about the rebate and insist that you get it since you're ordering the car while the rebate is active. Make sure they apply the rebate in the contract that you sign for the car. I have to believe that the rebate would go by when you purchase the car, not the delivery date. It's an incentive to bring people in to buy a Cruze.

If they happen to say that they won't apply the rebate since it expires after the delivery date, call their bluff. Tell them you won't take the car unless you get the rebate. They don't want to lose a sale. I'm sure they will give you the rebate in that case.

When I purchased my Cruze, they quoted a much higher price than I expected. I told them "Goodbye". I started to walk out and they called me back. They asked what I was expecting to pay - I told them, and I ended up paying what I wanted to. Again, as long as it's within reason, they don't want to lose a sale.
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