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Orlando 2011 1.8 with P0365

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I'm new to this forum, so I'm not sure whether Orlando related questions should be posted in the Cruze category. Seeing as how they're extremely similar, I thought it would be fitting to post here. If that's not the case, feel free to move my thread to the other car section.

I've had my Orlando for about a decade at this point with no real issues, up until the other day when the engine light came on. I bought an OBD2 and scanned it, which yielded me P0365. Now, according to what I've seen on this forum, this issue is relatively common with my generation of Orlando, which is the same generation Cruze.

After the diagnosis, I took the time to replace cam sensor B as well as cam sensor A with no luck whatsoever. I then, also, took the time to inspect the connector, which also seemed to be completely normal. It is worth stating that the car itself is running as normal, except that it feels like as if it's retarding when driving after the engine light came on.

I tried an experiment, which yielded an extremely confusing result. It is worth to note that, up until this point, I always erased the code through OBD2 after attempting a repair, which always turned the light on after starting the engine. Now, with the experiment, I tried erasing the code when the connector was unplugged from the sensor. To my surprise, this seemed to not turn on the light whatsoever, and I was able to drive with it. Now, I only drove a couple of hundred yards with it, but it felt the same as when the connector was plugged into the sensor. The retarding issue was still present, and during the phase of the experiment, the car had difficulty igniting the engine, but the engine light never came on.

I scavenged around the internet and found this forum, where, as mentioned earlier, people have this issue with the same generation Cruze. My question is, what should I do from this point? I'm kind of lost since people seem to blame a lot of different things to why this code appears and the actual symptoms of it. From what I've gathered, this seems to be more of a broad issue rather than a specific one, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. In any case, any advice or comment is greatly appreciated.

Best regards.