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outside odors w/ recirc on

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Someone suggested I post here, I will give it a shot. I must have a gen 2 2016 ls manual shift. When the recirc button is on (we dont have auto hvac, just manual buttons) we still get outside odors strong as if the windows were open and I have severe asthma so this is a rather large issue. I do hear the cabin air pressure change when you engage the recirc button so I assume its covering it right.
I had asked the salesman and a service tech if it had a cabin air filter in it from mfg as our last car (toyota yaris) did not I was able to rectify that myself tho'. This car has a fully molded glove box non removable we've already ironed that fact down.
So I can only assume if it has a filter its under the air grid below wipers...I did unsnap it to peek in but did not remove wipers (dont know how hate to attempt it, but will if I must since dealer is avoiding the issue).
Just wondered if anyone else has this in newer 2016 gen 2 cruze's.
Mostly we smell odors to sides of the car...mowing grass etc...and its strong as heck as I said before.
Thanks for any clues.
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