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Unfortunately, it is like Windows, if you have a problem with an application or even the operating system, first step is to reload it. If you have tons of diagnostic software, can run that first to learn if its a hardware problem. Didn't have that for my daughter's 800 buck one month out of warranty Sony laptop, so just reloading Windows, still crashed.

With a laptop or a smart phone, tell you to reboot, with either have to pull the battery first to do that, didn't work with her Sony, but did work with my wife's smart phone the second day, that was three months ago, her smart phone still works.

You can't reboot a Cruze because everything is stored in flashram, nothing changes by disconnecting the battery or turning off the ignition switch.

Was luck with that Sony, took it all apart and checked everything under a powerful maginfying glass, found some marginal solder connections and tarnished connectors. Put it all back together again and it worked, still working after a year.

GM could have given us a CD with the firmware, diagnostics, and flash updates with a USB connector to any good computer. But they don't do that as we are aware. Even go out of their way to make it miserable by stealing garage door opener technology and using esoteric codes for component identification, plus came out with generation three soft and hardware. Dealer even complained about having to pay for that. Plus having to learn a new system.

Seems like a wet ambient sensor would give erratic readings, a thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient, needs a look up table in the firmware to give you the correct reading. If locked, more like a glitch in the firmware. So now you can take it back to your dealer for a reflash as they call it. Being locked at one temperature reading, did someone swipe your thermistor and install a fixed resistor?

After warranty, its your problem, still feel using flashram is a stupid idea, but is the law, and dey all do dat. So have to learn how to live with it.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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