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Nice name, BTW, Farmer.
This sounds like an air bubble. There is more than one temperature sensor. One may be wet and reading correctly while another is dry and reading cool. I had a similar issue, except fan was running 24/7 at high RPM while temps were stable. This continued for a month, until temp started to spike.
Why didn't I put it in the shop? Because warranty is out and and was addressing a different issue (irrelevant info, sorry).
However, coolant level seemed fine, but had reached a level thresh hold when cool that allowed it to suck in air.
It is a sealed system, but "sealed" should be a term used loosely.

I was able to correct the issue by adding fluid and bleeding air.
When the car is cool, check and add fluid as necessary. leave cap off while car warms up to allow vapor to escape. fill to minimum when hot, if needed. Then, replace cap tightly.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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