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I have 2012 Cruz 1.4 turbo. While my daughter was driving it overheated. She pulled over and got it home. I have already changed the thermostat and water pump. I have also bled the system. When I fill the coolant to the full line it will get hot and overheat but the reservoir will overflow. So I bled the system again and the temp held tight while idling and at around 2000-2500 rpm for like 3-5 mins. The coolant level went down and didn’t come back up at that point. So I decided to test drive it and within minutes it started overheating again and the reservoir was overfilled again. I checked yesterday and it drank all the coolant so I added more to the fill line and basically as soon as I started it the coolant temp went up and didn’t stop. And it overflowed again. What is my issue
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Well, unfortunately it sounds like a blown head gasket to me. IMHO the best test to verify this is the hydrocarbon test for the coolant system.

I have also bled the system.
Great, but I doubt air tin the system is your issue.

soon as I started it the coolant temp went up and didn’t stop
FYI the car temperature gauge isn't a direct read out. It is programmed to act in a way GM deemed necessary to stop people from calling them with questions. In short, either use an OBD scanner and get the actual temperature, or don't bother.

You could just have a leak so don't freak out yet. Right after driving the car, pop the hood and look for leaks. A bright flashlight and an inspection mirror are all you need.
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