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P0090 engine reduced power after new HPFP

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Alright guys, I had to change the fuel pump because the bearing and seals were shots. I changed the timing belt at the same time and retimed the pump because the previous owner didn't time it correctly. Now I am 99% sure that the pump is timed correctly every line are aligned, starts right up in less than a second. However I get the reduced engine power message in my dash with the code P0090. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator thing and cleares the codes but still the same error. I need help, the engine runs perfectly fine beside the reduced engine power.
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Are you saying the car no longer has any codes but continues to display the reduced power message?

The original code might be indicating a connector/wiring issue based on its description.
The ECM detects the fuel rail pressure regulator solenoid 1 control circuit is open for less than 1 s.
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