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Hello there community!

This is My first time posting here, and I have a 2014 1.4 turbo Chevy Cruze.

The last week I had an issue with the A/C not blowing cold air, thought it was the thermostat because that was the same failure I had last year lol, scanned with OBDII scanner and a wild P0128 code appeared.
Changed the thermostat and everything was fine, ran with no issues for a week and code was cleared. Then again I had the same issue with the A/C yesterday, scanned it and both codes where here P00B6 and P00B4, I changed both temperature sensors the one in the motor block and the one in the radiator. Car is running good now and the A/C is working fine, disconnected battery to reset ECM.

But I have my doubts, I scanned the car this morning, and the codes P00B4 and P00B6 are still there but the car is running fine. Kinda sus.

Also, when my thermostat failed the car still measured temperature in the gauge, just the A/C was off and the cooling fan was in Jet mode. I have seen many videos and posts about the thermostat causing a "no temperature reading" fail, but mine was not. It seems rare.

I hope you guys can help me if you experienced something similar with the codes still showing and the check engine light on, but the car running good with no issues.

Thank you very much in advance!

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The engine is really touchy when it comes to sensors. OEM parts are the only way to go, aftermarket sensors are a dice roll at best. I'm saying this because many people have tried using aftermarket sensors with no luck.
I have a few questions, mainly based on what parts you used. Giving me the part # and vendor for each of them is of great use.

1) What was the thermostat you put in?
2) What sensor did you put in the radiator?
3) What sensor did you put "in the block" ?
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