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P00B7 help

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I got a engine light and pulled P00B7. Coolant tank was low I topped it off. Gauge reads fine. Fan does seem loud than what I'm used to but I've never paid attention to it till now. No visible leaks I can find. Anyone have this before?
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Model, year, mileage please.
P007B or P00B7?
P00B7. Sorry that was a typo
Engine Coolant Flow Insufficient. The difference between the Radiator Coolant Temperature and the Engine Coolant Temperature is too high. Seem like low coolant could do it. The manual also mentions a thermostat that's failing or resistance in the Radiator Coolant Temperature sensor.
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Okay, hopefully it won't be bad. Just found out it is still under warranty. So its going to the dealer.
Just found out it is still under warranty. So its going to the dealer.
The powertrain is covered, but your bumper to bumper expired awhile ago.
Yes, I'm hoping it will be covered under that but anyways.

I drove to work and it was on the whole time. Drove 35 miles back home and was off when I started it.
I have the same Error code.... the fan would come on when the car was first started and would stay on for some time. What was the result of this after you brought it to the dealer? did you just need to fill the coolant or was it worse?
Same thing I’m thinking that if there’s a broken gasket maybe coolant is leaking into oil?
How did you fix your getting same code even heater mot coning om and overheating.therostat is new.
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