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P0102 code persists, running out of ideas..

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  • 2013 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ RS: 1.4 Turbo
  • 120,000 miles
  • Dorman Valve Cover installed
  • PCV Fix Kit V3 installed

Check engine light is on, rough idle, and the only code showing is P0102, I have replaced and done many things on the engine and the code still showing and MAF reading is 0.1g/s.

This is the list of things I've tried:
  • Dorman Valve Cover and PCV Fix Kit V3 installed at the same time.
  • MAF sensor replaced.
  • MAF sensor Wiring harness visually inspected.
  • No vacuum leaks on intercooler and tubes/hoses
  • Crankcase resealed.
  • Crankshaft front seal replaced.
  • Oil gauge and cap O-rings replaced.
Compression test results:
Cyl1: 120psi
Cyl2: 120psi
Cyl3: 120psi
Cyl4: 150psi

Any ideas?

Could it be the turbo itself? or hoping not to be the ECU?

Thank you!
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Since you have replaced the MAF, it shouldn't be dirty or failed, but I would clean it anyway with MAF cleaner. I would also take apart the connection and blow out both sides with air and reconnect. If those things don't change anything, I would use the info Miguelcon74 gave you to trace out the wiring.

Potential causes for this trouble code, P0102, may include:

Dirty or contaminated mass air flow sensor
Failed MAF sensor
Intake air leaks MAF sensor electrical harness or wiring problem (open, shorted, frayed, poor connection, etc.)
Note that other codes may be present if you have a P0102. You may have misfire codes or O2 sensor codes, so it's important to take a "big picture" look at how the systems work together and effect each other when doing a diagnosis.
Read more at: P0102 Mass Airflow (MAF) Circuit High
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