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P0171 and dipstick squeak

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So my 2014 1.4L recently hit me with a P0171 code. I looked all over the site and found it's most likely the PCV valve. I also noticed an awful squeak while it's idled but when I pulled the dipstick out, the squeaking stopped. Looking on the site, I see that could be a bad seal. Would the bad seal cause the light or did they both just happen to fail at the same time? I only have 70k miles on the car so it still has power train warranty left so this all should be covered, right?
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So I took it to the dealership yesterday (Tuesday, Jan.2) and it took them an hour and a half to run a "diagnostic" to tell them exactly what I told them when I walked in. The replaced the camshaft cover which includes the PCV.
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