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P0171 fix

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I've been fighting with a P0171 code than comes and goes. Finally found a crack in the air tube between the air cleaner and the throttle body. This messes the mass air flow sensor readings. I do all my own maintenance, but take my car for it's yearly alignment at a chain store where I bought a lifetime alignment. I keep my cars for years so it's worth the money in my opinion. I believe they checked my air cleaner condition upon my last visit (just before the light started coming on) instead of removing the hose from the air cleaner lid, they just bent the hose over in order to check the air cleaner and damaged the hose. I can't prove it, so I'm out a $45 hose. Every P0171 post says to change the engine cover. Just an FYI for all your DIYers.
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Hi, I also do all my own maintenance, a DIYer myself here across the pond.. and my cars last north of 20yrs..
To find vacuum leaks if you do not get hold of a smoke generator (and have a fire extinguisher):

1st start by cleaning the MAF/MAP sensor w a dedicated product, carb cleaner not advised!
Then, outdoors with the eng running well below boost (1400rpm or so) spray starter fluid or other flammable hydrocarbon of choice on the suspected vacuum leak areas that are messing the mass air flow sensor readings and watch for an uptick in engine rpm -You've found your leak!

Prevent abyone from checking "the condition", tap tthe dirt out or air pressure clean your air cleaner's filter element as the only way to know when an air filter is up for replacement is with a vacuum Air Cleaner Indicator.
They are very affordable visual or electric and do a great job of preventing early element replacements when the filter is working north of 99% efficiency (from 97% new)!
"Just an FYI for all you DIYers".
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