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For those who get the P0324 code and can hear a very audible ticking I believe I have found the culprit, at least in this case. Odd that no check engine light came on until after I hooked up my code scanner.

Engine made awful ticking noise and drove like crap.. no acceleration, didn't want to shift and much less MPG.

I pulled the cam cover and found that the red timing chain guide (I think that's the name) had vibrated loose. See pictures below. Tightened the two bolts to 71" INCH lbs and after reassembly the noise went away and drove like it should.

The cam cover gasket was cracked horribly which I'm hoping solves the p0171 code, but the oil residue around the pressure disc in the cam cover gives me doubts.

I also noticed that my ignition coil has a crack around one of the mounting holes so it will need replaced. But my next problem is that the ignition coil is still very stuck to the plug and after 15 minutes of wiggling and messing with that orange lock, still stuck. Any suggestions on how to get it off?

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