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P0299 and 0420, boost leaks or broken puck and gate??

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This is my 1st car and I'm 23 with no parents or friends who can help.

hello, 1.4 Cruze ltz 2011 fixed turbo once already. looking for help
it has overheated due to engine outlet before , I fixed, loses maybe a few table spoons if coolant a week now. (not alot at all seriously)

only codes, 0299, 0420.

i even tried adding boost manually by tightening actuator arm. nothing

my actuator arm moves tight, that part seems ok, I can feel the spring .

what's the possibility my wastegate puck is missing? the puck pin that is held by the actuator arm, when disconnected, can spin around towards driver side and about 280 degrees of spin is available. it doesn't spin fully around but more that I assume it should? shouldn't the puck/gate be hitting the inside of the turbo?

refuses to go over 100km/h on highway even throttle to floor
can't climb an incline and keep speed, constant drop to 45km/h range
car won't go over 77km on highway on ramp, and takes a other 2 KM to get to 100km/h

Yes, it's this bad.

New; maf, new o2 upstream, new oil turbo lines, new/used turbo, coolant lines, air intake hose, PCV lines, turbo boost sensor.

PCV v.3 fix is on! nipple on PCV was sealed, watched video, checked , it's sealed and the fix is working there.

what do I do ? please help. I try to stay up to date on fixes.

I know I need a catalytic converter , but does that cause 0 acceleration on highway and uphill ?
do I need to replace both to fix this problem?

the car is undrivable. the car is going to get us killed trying to accelerate on highway.

I just want to know what to do.
don't worry about my feelings just give it to me straight.
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I removed 02 sensor from upstream and went for a drive. I protected the engine from the heat.
I noticed more of a response low end , but absolutely no change uphill/on the highway

What's next? Since the cat doesn't seem to have back pressure , is it the turbo?

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smashed out my catalytic converter with a big drill and found a junkyard turbo off another Trax for 100$
Did all the work myself ,

Got all my power back. Been great all week.
Just a cat code but i don't care because there's massive holes in it now and she can breathe ;)

you people saying buy new parts are a cancer to the car community.

buy dealership parts? LMFAO

peace and love yall
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