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P0299 cracked turbo housing at 70K

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My 2014 Cruze with 70k just starting losing power and hestitating. Then it started throwing the P0299 code...the CEL would go off and then come back on. After 3 days of this I ripped the front end apart to check for leaks from the air box to intake. Found none and took it to the dealership. They did a great job....had it back the same day to me with a new turbo installed. The turbo housing by the exhaust valve was cracked. Very small rural chevy garage and they have seen at least 3 of these all ready. This is a major problem with the casting / design that will emerge in the next year or so as these cars get more usage and miles on them.

I have to say that I completely disappointed with this car...I bought it new as a commuter car and had random reduced power and tractor control messages the first 2 months from a bad wheel hub sensor, a wire harness that goes to the speed sensor on the manual tranny tore because it wasn't fastened correctly (not covered under warranty...I built a new harness), the spark plugs were trashed at 50k and the ignition module boots were fused to the plugs (had to buy a new module because they don't sell the 2 dollar boots seperate...I guess putting lube on at the factory was too much to ask), and now the turbo housing cracked? What a POS. This car is getting traded in this fall and I am done with Chevy cars! Good thing I also have a Toyota 4runner and Chevy Silverado that are reliable...because the Cruze is not!
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This is the first report of a cracked turbo housing we've had. Why did you rebuild the wiring harness and not get your dealership to call GM for assistance? 50K miles for spark plugs is probably about right given the "change interval" is 60K miles. If you lug the engine at all you'll erode the plug gap faster. We have had a number of ignition coil boots tear - it would be nice to be able to purchase these boots by themselves.
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