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My '12 fired the p0299 code about 200 miles ago; car has 111,500 miles so out of warranty. I checked waste gate pivot arm and there is hardly any play so I cleared the code and it came back today.

I would like your thoughts on what else to check before I drop $500 on a new turbo. There is NO noticeable change in the power or drive ability at this time; everything sounds/feels fine.

-Checked wastegate pivot arm and barely any play.
-Checked circlip on pivot arm, it was there.
-Checked PCV system and check ball is in intake and I couldn't suck air through the corrugated hose that goes to turbo inlet which should mean its fine.
-Installed updated oil supply about a year ago.

Anyway to check the boost actuator using an ohm meter?

My thought is to remove the o2 Sensor and stick a camera in there to see if there are any cracks inside the turbo.

You guys have any other thoughts on what I can do to make sure it is in fact the turbo that is causing the problem? I have a Centech code reader that can show live data, but not sure what to check or look for.

Thank you!
So, I have the code p0299 now. I have 147k miles. I went ahead and paid my dealer 150 dollars to diagnose. They told me I need a new Turbo and while I am at it, there is an oil cooler leak, which I see is quite common. I was wondering, @mbeers, if you did indeed replace your turbo, or have you identified a somewhat less costly problem? Thanks
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