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So i got my new coil pack, day one seems ok. It did stall on the cold start but these cars have issues starting when a temp change over night. Anyone else notice this?
Yes, I live in Florida and if it gets down to the 40’s or 30’s for a couple of nights, the car runs fine... but when I take it out when it’s75-80 degrees out, the car runs pretty crappy . I can smell gas coming out for the engine area and it only does this in the specific situation.

I have done this on all my cars I have owned... I will disconnect the negative battery terminal for a minute and then start the car up... it resets the ECM and forces it to relearn its environment.

not only does the car start better but it is faster. After resetting the ECM I will grab second gear and it rips the tire loose for a good 10 feet.

If I drive it for a few weeks, that goes away until I reset the ECM again.

I actually looking for a battery terminal for the ground that just has a switch I can flip in stead of disconnecting the actual battery terminal
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