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My 2011 Cruze eco was starting to have slight blowout, due probably to the plugs being over gapped, i have the coppers in. So i took them out and regapped them. back to .028
Well after that driving the car it began to really misfire, I mean like a rodeo bucking bronco. I did notice one of the coil boot is ripped but way up top where it slides over the plastic. I went and bought new plugs, tried that and for the first day it was fine, then the second night driving to work it did it again. It doesn't just feel like blowout from over gapped plugs, it feels like it goes into a strange mode and the CEL flashes and what not, Now I'm getting a P0300 code.

I do have the coil pack off now, and I do see green corrosion where there springs meet the pack. Im waiting for my new coil pack to come, to see if that was it. Im just wondering how in the world did just taking it off and regapping/changing the plugs make the coil pack act bad? If that is it anyways.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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