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I have a 2012 1.8l ls! This thing has been kind of a nightmare for me. Ive seen this code once when i first got the car (along side trans codes) they all would come and go with no real difference in the way it drives or idles untill one day the **** this just slammed into 2nd gear at 55mph and that was that, 2 days before my powertrain went up it was in for a new trans (talk about luck ?) anyways back to the present day.. Currently the car has 87k on it and seems to run fine other than i feel like it has lost some power but seems to idle fine and drive fine otherwise. It has a cold air intake (no other engine "mods"), 1200watt subwoofer setup, hid headlights, and a bottom bumper led bar 20". The code came about 2 days ago and after 3 ignition cycles it went away i didnt think to much of it and on a road trip to youngstown earlier today it showed it face agian. Anyone have any ideas what may be making it come and go?

EDIT; i feel like my mpg has dropped also. I have an average mpg of 19.3 in 3500 mile range, mind you i am a heavy footed driver and do alot of stop and go driving but ive seen this car go 375ish miles on a tank doing mostly highway should i only be getting 250 tops doing mostly city??! Also i did do plugs on it a month or so ago they where NGK. gapped at .28 i belive. Also Sorry for all the random bs i put in this post half asleep worked 12 hour day and had to drive 4 hours after that lol... Thanks in advance

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