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P0300, the problem finally ..

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Hey in leg new heard, I've worked on cars for 15 years, but I've mustang guy so needless to say my Chevy knowledge is extremely limited.

I'm running a bnr tune, bnr gtx14 turbo, 42# injectors (I know they are way up over their duty cycle... I'm on 37psi and I know take reaching up to the 96% mark).

A I have adownpipe and an intake. Not much imo

Should I just replace the #( injectors 2014(with low miles. ) and use iridium? Or do I need to buy the coil pack?

Thank you,

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Yeah, i just looked at this and i was exhausted when i wrote it. i put it in the wrong section, I'm already running the 42lb injectors and i know i gotta upgrade those as they're already hitting the 96% duty mark. i wrote Jerry and sent him a log the day before i posted this... but he's awful busy lately. I was just wondering mainly if it was a whole coil pack issue or a plug issue (it's just a little shy of the time recommended to replace them.
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