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These engines always have some ticking(fuel injectors), so maybe the noise is unrelated to the issue? Most likely reasons to experience knock would be poor quality fuel(low octane). Changing brands may be enough to correct the problem, or run a higher octane. Are you running top tier gas? My 2012 never ran great on regular 87 octane gas and would experience some knock any time I tried to use the cheap stuff.

Though I'm not anti-ethanol NickD above is correct. Most 87E10 fuel sold starts out as 84 octane gas. if you have Phase Separation occur you end up with a low 84 octane layer and a layer of alcohol mixed with water. The much better mix available today, 93E10 starts as 91E0, so if phase separation occurs it may cause much less issues(the engine will still run on 91 octane and possibly be able to burn the alcohol and water mix(alcohol is over 100 octane).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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