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If you are using E10 and getting a poor mix, alcohol and gasoline to not mix, would be running 80 octane fuel that would drive that knock sensor, crazy. Or maybe running 84-86 octane for intermittent type of operation. And a lot depends on what gear you are in relating to engine load.

Another cause can be an engine cylinder misfire causing excessive carbon build up increasing the compression that will also cause detonation.

P0324 is only set even if only one cylinder is knocking, but has to occur for at least 10 seconds to set that only code. Too many people take these codes literally, and the sensor takes the blame for this when it is only doing its job. O2 sensors take the blame for just about anything.

So what kind of fuel are you using? Got bad mixes before, so finally said, screw ethanol. And of course would kick on the CEL, knock sensor is doing its job, kicking on the CEL. With any kind of actually knock sensor problem, other codes are generated, you only posted one code.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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