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got the same code P0324

Hi everybody

I have a chevy cruze 2012 Lt ,with 41k only on it. I got the same code last saturday everything start suddenly and I heard a noise like small fan,. in my way back to my house while i was driving for around 40km.

I connected my OBD scan next morning and found the code P0324. while I look for info about this code on the internet seating inside the car (about 20 minutes reading here and in other websites) the code clear without intervention. and the power of the car is normal. the noise like fan is gone, note Yesterday when the problem was present there was almost no power. hard to get 60km

Any idea guys.?

another question is please let me know where it is located the knock sensor ? i am planing to check it as well
Anyone ever figure this out my wifes car is intermitantly doing the same thing
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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