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Hi all,

I've done a ton of digging here with no real answers. My apologies for bringing this one up again... So for starters, I bought this Cruze brand new, it's a 2013 1.4t 6m, all stock. I now have the P0420, P0234, P0299. The actual symptoms I feel are sputtering and what feels like misfires with power surges upon medium to hard acceleration over approximately 3,000rpm. It started small and was very intermittent, but now the running problems are every drive, so I drive very easily now to avoid destroying my engine. Ha.

Now with all of this said, I have an extremely hard time believing it's just a cat... Unless it's falling apart and blocking the exhaust or something. I have never had any other running issues until this. It's driving me nuts. I shotgunned ordering both O2 sensors since they aren't that expensive (compared to other cars I've owned). I already tried cleaning the MAF sensor. I'm scared to think it may be the turbo itself, as that's expensive, but so is the cat.

I'm planning on taking out and inspecting the cat when I'm replacing the O2 sensors this weekend.

Do the turbos really go bad that quickly like they did on the Subarus?!

Any insight to this would be amazing!!! Thank you in advance!
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