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P0449 & P0498 Emission System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit

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The following codes just popped up for me on my 2016 Cruze Premiere 1.4L Turbo:

P0449 - Evaporative System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit
P0498 - Evaporative System Vent Valve Control Circuit Low

I am wondering if anyone has the schematic for the Evaporative Emission System to aid me in tracing out the wiring and locations of solenoids.

It is possible something like a **** squirrel has chewed a wire as that has happened on 2 other vehicles where I live out in the country.
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I did locate the issue this morning. Some rodent did chew on the wiring to/from the EVAP vent solenoid valve. Looks like I am going to just take it to the dealer to have it fixed as I am not sure how the canister is mounted so I can remove it to splice the wires.

Looks like I am going to end up having to spend the $175.00 for the electronic (USB) version of the repair manual set. It would be nice to have the books, but they are $350.00.
Ultrasonic Pest Controllers

After a similar incident I placed these around the vehicle parking area. Never had another issue.
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