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On my 2013 Cruze LS, I've been chasing a check engine light with both a p0496 and a p2067. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the p2067, but for the p0496, I think I got it licked. I replaced the under-hood purge valve yesterday, and so far today, the CEL has remained off. The car seems to be running better as well - definitely has better throttle response, and the hesitation seems to be gone.

The part I used is a BWD CP869 from O'Reilly Auto. It was about 40 bucks. Web pricing was much better, but getting it repaired promptly was a priority over saving ~20 bucks. (But for another 20 bucks it could have waited another week :smile: )

The part I removed was identical including the BOSCH markings and GM part number, 5556 7453. Interestingly enough, O'Reilly's website didn't cross the GM p/n, but I was able to locate the BWD CP869 there by searching for "purge".

It's not clear if the part I removed was original, or if it had previously been replaced under the former owner.

I found it odd that all three brick-and-mortar parts chains I checked listed the also AC-Delco 214-2317, but none of them had stock at any of their area stores.

The old part failed the blow test - I could readily blow thru it with little resistance whereas the new part was clearly closed. So that was encouraging that I had it diagnosed correctly. And that dovetails with the code p0496 meaning, high purge flow.

In the attached pic, there are some paint markings I find interesting - green, pink, yellow and white. I wonder if these are inspection indicators from the assembly line, or if they are marks made by service techs. But they surely weren't there when it left Bosch :smile:

Lastly, besides the blow test and the CEL remaining off, the other good sign is that the car was easy to start when I got gas today. It started right away with no issues, versus earlier, when it would crank and crank, and spit and sputter, before it would finally run. So I'm very pleased with the results.



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