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Hello guys.
my 2013 cruze is giving me the P0599 code.
This came up after my wife took the car into an independent service station to have my coolant replaced.
the attendant drained the coolant by removing the tube under the reservoir housing which i read is not the right way to do it but from the plug under the radiator.

What might be the reason why i am getting this code.
there is coolant in the reservoir and using my obd scanner the coolant temperature reads 208F.

I have topped up the coolant in the reservoir and cleared the code, only for it to return after a few minutes of driving.]

Your help will be really appreciated.

I also just noticed that my engine mount ( as attached) View attachment 228298 at the front is broken. Could that be part of the reason why i get this code.
Engine mount has nothing to do with that code. That code is the heater sensor for the thermostat. But I'm guessing since the "mechanic"? Drained coolant from pressure tank you have a air pocket. I would take the car back to the shop. Demand the cooling system be flushed changed properly. Drained from the bottom of the radiator. Before you loose the engine in the car. If the code comes back after it is reset and the cooling system purged of air. Something else is going on. Did you just do the change for maintenance? Or was there some other reason?
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