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P0601 and p0700 codes - 2011 model year - 1.8 engine

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I'm new to the site. I have searched for these codes on the site, but there doesn't seem to be a thread to match my situation.
I have a 2011 Cruze LS, 1.8 engine, 56k miles. Sometimes when I start the car, I turned the key to start the engine and the CEL comes on with the following:
P0601: Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error
Pending Fault Log
P0700: Transmission Control System (MIL Request).
I cleared the codes and it drives fine for a few days(I have a simple OBDII code reader)
Sometimes I have noticed that my needle in the cluster flickers around slightly when I insert the key and start to turn it, and when the engine starts, the CEL turns on. The "needle flickering" does not always happen in order for it to throw the codes. It has been throwing the codes about once or twice a week. Has anyone experience this? Thanks.
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Of the four needles in the cluster which one flutters?
It is the tachometer. ( hasn't fluttered lately, even though I threw the same codes the other day, also I neglected to look at the other gauges. I'm trying to be more observant ). Thanks.
The P0700 is extremely generic. It just means that TCS detected a problem and asked for the MIL light to turn on. There should be another code that indicates what the TCS detected. It's possible you'll need a better code reader. You might want to stop by the parts store and see if they can pull them for you.
Let me see what I can do about getting an OBDII that can read deeper (the issue is that it goes into limp mode, so I have to clear it to get it moving again). Thanks and I will hope to update soon.
Latest Update: I took it to a franchise transmission shop, they said it was the TCM. They also checked the fluid and it appears blackish, so they didn't want to just replace the TCM because it might come back. They recommended a complete rebuild. (background: I still drive it by clearing the codes and that is how I'm getting around). The quote for a re-manufactured transmission is about $3700.00. I told them I would get back with them. This car only has 57k miles on it. Any recommendations for transmission shops in the Atlanta, GA area?
A P0601 indicates that some module is having a problem with the ROM. Along with the P0700, the TCM seems like the likely culprit.

I assume it's been more than 5 years since the car was put in service - otherwise, the power train warranty would cover it.

I think I've heard that the fluid is an unusual color in the Cruze, so it may not be a problem.
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Thanks for the information. That is interesting that that color is unusual. Anyway, it is a 2011, so the warranty is out. It seems to shift fine once I clear the codes. (but I understand why they want to replace everything, it is too risky for them and I understand that).
You need a new Transmission Control Module and a transmission fluid exchange. Unless the TCM is built into the interior of the transmission you don't need to replace the transmission.
I was told that the TCM is in the Transmission valve body for my vehicle. I just don't think I will buy any more GM vehicles (thanks for responding)
it is a 2011, so the warranty is out.
It's a long shot, but still worth a look. If the car was still sitting on the new car lot at this time 2012, the warranty would still be in effect.
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You can check on your warranty by creating an account at and adding the car's VIN to your garage.
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Thank for the info. I created an account and the power train warranty expired in May, 2016
Thank for the info. I created an account and the power train warranty expired in May, 2016
Rats. It was a long shot, but could have saved a lot of money.

TCM failures aren't common on these cars. In fact, I'd say they're pretty rare. Not that that's much of a consolation.
Update : I decided to call the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center. I opened a case number. I explained that my 2011 had only 56k and is 1 year out of warranty. I further explained that my TCM/PCM is setting codes. The GM Rep opened a case and said that I needed to take my car to a Chevy dealership and get the proper diagnostics before the Customer could address my concerns.
Question: Is there any other avenue I can pursue with GM (write a letter, etc). With this low mileage, I'm hoping GM will consider some Goodwill and help me with this repair.
Question: Is there any other avenue I can pursue with GM (write a letter, etc). With this low mileage, I'm hoping GM will consider some Goodwill and help me with this repair.
I think you're doing what can be done. GM wants to hear from it's own dealer what the problem is. You're probably going to have to pay for the diagnostics up front, but I think there's a fairly good chance that GM will help with the issue. They may not cover it completely, but hopefully they'd go half. But there's only so much they'll be willing to do over the phone. They need their authorized representative (a dealer) to get their hands on the car and see for themselves.
Update: After opening up a Case Number with the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center, I went ahead and took it to a Chevy dealer as instructed by the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center. The Dealership said the TCM(transmission control module) needed to be replaced (about $1330.00). I called the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center back and relayed the information on what the dealer found out. The Representative said they will escalate it to the next level and have a senior adviser examine my situation (2011 Cruze, 56k miles, 1 year out of warranty).
I was told that the senior advisor will contact the dealership and then get back to me within 24 to 48 hrs. on whether they will help out or not. (fingers crossed).
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Hopefully a point in your favor is that I have to think this is the result of a part dying long before it's intended lifespan. A ROM error has nothing to do with how the car is treated (assuming there hasn't been any electrical mods that could disrupt the bus or power supply).
I haven't looked at the emissions warranty but isn't the TCM and ECU covered for 8 years with federal emissions warranty?
Good question! I haven't found the answer. I don't have my owner's manual or warranty manual(in the car at the dealership). I went to account, but the text is not clear.
I found this thread:, but the warranty link listed in this thread is no longer valid.
(I requested that the warranty document from the MEMBER "NickD" who mentioned they downloaded to their own files).
ANYWAY: I'm still waiting for the Senior Advisor (Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center) to call me, it's the 2nd day and I was told either Thursday or Friday (today). BTW... there are no modifications to my car, totally stock.
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