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P06DC and P24A5 with Check Engine Light

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Check Engine Light came on this afternoon. Called OnStar and they sent me an email with P06DC and P24A5.

About three weeks ago OnStar told me that I had P06DC but had no check engine light. Same thing about six months ago.

I‘m bone stock and 106,000 miles on the odometer.

Happened to be near my dealership so I stopped in. But my service advisor was off today. I went on my way and the check engine light cleared after about 50 miles.

Searched here and google. But could not find any correlation with those codes.

Anyone have any ideas?
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At that mileage I’d probably just replace the entire oil pump. Especially given it’s problematic history. But as long as the oil pressure looks good I don’t see an immediate concern.

For the EGR cooler.

1. Check vacuum pressure engine running.
2. Check for coolant leaks around EGR cooler.
3. Clean intake if it’s insanely bad.

If you don’t find a problem with the above 3 steps then sadly it’s not really clear where the problem is
  • The Vacuum Control may be cracked/failed
  • The diaphragm actuator thing may have failed
  • The EGR cooler itself may be plugged. It has a bunch of channels.

Usually you just replace the entire EGR assembly but that is an expensive part. You can save a lot of money if you can narrow it down. As long as there is no coolant leaking out then you can assume the metal assembly is good.

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Here are some part numbers.

The actual EGR cooler.12644798
Really no reason to replace that. Soak it in some dish soap. Should be good to go. Just don’t ruin the seal.
If you do find coolant in intake good chance it’s from that part.

The cover for said cooler: 12656015.
The electronic vacuum actuator thing: 55566051
The diaphragm valve thingy: 12647007

As for seals you are just SOL. Permatex ultra red if you can’t salvage old ones. Don’t use the copper / exhaust stuff.
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