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P11D7 code ?

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I have this code come up every now and then. It hasnt posted a CEL yet but its in there when I sometimes check it with a scanner tool. I googled it to death and can only find one thread that says its a camshaft actuator on an Audi. Anybody have any insight.

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Having just gotten P11D7 as one of the four codes on ours, I'll try clearing them and seeing what happens.
I think this is all good evidence that they really will be making a 2017 diesel. They seem to be watching the '14 and '15 fo things that can be addressed. it probably plays into the Colorado/Canyon too.
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Would love to see the Colorado engine in the cruze. :)
Would love to see the Colorado engine in the cruze. :)
It's a great engine (I spent a week in one to review it for Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide) but I think it would be overkill for the Cruze, especially the lighter 2nd Gen Cruze. I'm thinking the 1.6L will be a nice engine for the lighter 2ng Gen Cruze especially if it is compound turbocharged!!!
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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