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P11DC anyone get this code yet?

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Its been 10000 trouble free miles but this CEL popped up yesterday.

Google says NOX2 sensor. I haven't seen anyone with a Gen 2 post about getting one yet.

Anyone have any experience? Car has 20k miles total.
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God I sure hope that doesn't make its way back into the Gen 2 cars.

You're still under B2B, so I'd go get that replaced for free just before your warranty is up (since that means the sensor itself will be warrantied for another year).
I was hoping it would not be. They changed the part number on the Gen 1, but I don't know what was changed - hopefully something that keeps that sensor from failing again.
We had the NOX2 code on and off for years - never affected how the car ran.
That has been my understanding. The only reason I had to replace ours in order to end the countdown was because it likely couldn't complete the repair verification procedure without throwing a code and cutting it short.
Not Powertrain - B2B warranty.
Okay - so they definitely changed it from Gen 1, then. I was going based off that - sorry for the confusion.

I'm glad to see they're actually covering some of the parts for more than 3/36k now.
Yeah, seems like they finally put some actual coverage on those parts, compared to us Gen 1 CTD owners who simply were boned (aside from a select few parts having specialized coverage for 10/120k).
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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