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P11DC anyone get this code yet?

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Its been 10000 trouble free miles but this CEL popped up yesterday.

Google says NOX2 sensor. I haven't seen anyone with a Gen 2 post about getting one yet.

Anyone have any experience? Car has 20k miles total.
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Took it to the dealer part of on order. They tell me it's fine to drive.

Does anyone know if the DEF and regens will be affected by the NOX 2 sensor being faulty?
My NOx sensor was flakey, well, most of the first year I had the car. Turned out to be a nicked wire that corroded. May have come from the factory that way, but could also have been damage done during servicing -- it all has to come apart for a flywheel replacement.

I'm over 32k miles now and have no emissions issues at the moment.
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