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P11DC anyone get this code yet?

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Its been 10000 trouble free miles but this CEL popped up yesterday.

Google says NOX2 sensor. I haven't seen anyone with a Gen 2 post about getting one yet.

Anyone have any experience? Car has 20k miles total.
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God I sure hope that doesn't make its way back into the Gen 2 cars.

You're still under B2B, so I'd go get that replaced for free just before your warranty is up (since that means the sensor itself will be warrantied for another year).
I just read through your thread where you had the same issue on your Gen1

I sure hope this isn't a reoccurring problem.
Took it to the dealer part of on order. They tell me it's fine to drive.

Does anyone know if the DEF and regens will be affected by the NOX 2 sensor being faulty?

I'm probably going to put 1000 miles on it before the part comes in dont want to screw up the DPF or something
We had the NOX2 code on and off for years - never affected how the car ran.
Yeah I've been doing some more reading on it and it sounds a lot like the downstream O2 sensor on a gas car.

It's only job is to tell if the SCR is working or not much like the post cat O2 is just to make sure the cat is working.
Update... literally almost exactly a year later and this light came on again. P11DC. havent gotten a chance to get it to the dealer yet. I'm assuming it is covered under the powertrain warranty now but we will see.
Not Powertrain - B2B warranty.
My owners manual has sensors listed under the diesel components in the powertrain warranty so I will be very upset of they try to tell me otherwise.


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Okay - so they definitely changed it from Gen 1, then. I was going based off that - sorry for the confusion.

I'm glad to see they're actually covering some of the parts for more than 3/36k now.
Yeah it looks like all of the emissions stuff is covered by powertrain.

That's actually one of the reasons I bought the car especially in canada as the 17s still had the 100k mile powertrain.
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