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Got this code this week.

I have been watching def temperature for awhile thinking I may get an indication as to when the heater circuit might fail to prevent the count down.

Instead I began to capture hot def fluid readings. It was slowly increasing over several weeks. In the 120f range it threw the code.

Immediately after replacement the temp was 84f. The code didnt reset on a 15 minute drive and restart so I cleared it and drove 15 minutes again and it didnt come on.

Gretio really helped narrow it down to three possibilities.

Wiring, DEF heater or the fluid level/temperature sensor.

I was sure it was the sensor in the heater assembly after some basic troubleshooting.

Cory's dyi channel is the best for the how to but doesn't explain how to troubleshoot it.

Only thing I would add is don't cut the zip ties on the big nut. Either gently pull them off or use a small screw driver to move the lock and pull the zip tie free to reuse. See pics.

I know this is a warranty item but IF you watch his video you'll understand why it is best to do it yourself.

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All the pics are post replacement.

Still love this car.

And also it really isn't a messy nasty dealing with the def if you do it right.

I was going to add to this thread but it had a recommendation to create a new one for the same topic.

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